Why Should You Understand Your Finances Before Your Divorce Mediation?

When it comes to family law, divorce is among one of the most diverse and complicated parts of the field. For some couples, it makes sense to go through the details of their divorce settlement through the mediation process. Mediation involves a neutral third party, along with your respective attorneys, helping you and your spouse flesh out the details of your divorce prior to the final decree. During the mediation process, many components of your settlement are decided, chief among them asset division. [Read More]

Credit Card Fraud Criminal Charge: Important Information To Remember

The unauthorized use of a credit card is illegal, no matter the circumstances. As a form of criminal activity, any person who is facing a charge for this action stands the chance of going to prison with a felony conviction. Learn more about how this type of charge is handled. Credit Card Fraud Defined It is important to understand that your perception of credit card fraud may not be the same as what the law dictates. [Read More]