Dealing With Severe Domestic Abuse? How A Family Attorney Can Help

Too often, victims of domestic abuse suffer in silence. They may feel horribly alone and can become so afraid that they don't tell anyone what they are going through. Tragically, the abuse sometimes turns fatal and the victim ends up dying at the hands of the person who is abusing them. If you're in a domestic violence situation and are looking for help, just know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. [Read More]

Divorcing With Children: Parenting Plans And Custody Agreements

When you have children and you are going through a divorce, it's important to get a parenting plan and custody agreement set in place as soon as you can. It isn't easy for your children to deal with a divorce, and setting up a routine that allows for time with both parents can help. When both parents are able and willing to care for the children, the parenting plan and custody should reflect equal parenting time as much as possible. [Read More]

How To Contest A Will

If the division of estates was a simple process, there wouldn't be a need to write wills in the first place. However, the truth of the matter is that deciding who gets what in the event of one's passing is as challenging today as it was in the past. When you're a beneficiary in the will or supposed to be one, the advantage we have today is it's easier to contest a will if you have grounds to do so. [Read More]

Trying To Win Child Custody? Make Sure You Do These 2 Things

One of the hardest parts of going through a divorce is dealing with custody. While property and assets are easy to sell off and divide, deciding who your children will stay with can be tough. If you are determined to retain custody of your children, here are some tips that can help you do it. Avoid Going To Court At All Costs Many people see custody battles play out in TV or movies, and they always end up going to court where a judge decides what is best for the children. [Read More]